Designing a holiday home: simplicity, quality, and timeless authenticity

Creating a cohesive design between exterior and interior

Holiday homes require that something special to make them a space of calm and relaxation. The KwaZulu Natal coast, with its gorgeous views of the ocean, is the perfect location for just such a space, as seen in this newly refurbished home that was completed in December 2021.

The Design was based on simple pallet of authentic materials rooted deeply in contrasts and textures, alluding to a simplicity of life that reflects the nature of its surroundings. The intention was to create a space that was full of natural light, a neutral canvas of beautifully simple, high-quality materials, raw concrete, natural wood, soft linens, exposed metal, and touches of brass.

The tiles used throughout the home, Provenza Gesso White 1200 x 1200, were supplied by Ceragran, and LaminamXL provided Michael Angelo 12mm Soft-Touch for the kitchen counter tops.

Project Team:

  • Interior Designer:  POP Interior Design Studio
  • Catia Blackstock – Director
  • Giselle Ferreira – Director
  • Terri Bossy – Designer