Raised Pedestal installation is an easy to install, eco-friendly, lightweight installation system which requires no special surface preparation, glue or grout products – significantly reducing the cost of installation and the impact on the environment.

Etrno Ivica Paving Support Pedestals and Pads

Eterno Ivica Pedestals are the market leaders in paving support pedestals for fixing 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles on to raised paving systems, such as terraces and balconies. 

The pedestals are available in a range of heights from 28mm to 215mm and can be extended up to 550mm using a combination of pedestals and extension pieces. Each pedestal has a plastic base and body, with a rubber top which is slip and noise resistant. The 4x12mm spacer tabs allow for quick installation and are pre-cut for easy removal at perimeters.

The Eterno Ivica pedestal head is self-levelling and will automatically correct gradients up to 5%. The void beneath the tiles can be used to hide cables and pipes and accessing these after installation is quick and easy as tiles can be removed and replaced, and the open joints allow for easy drainage. 

The Eterno Ivica Star.T is a thin paving support pad used for raising tiles and slabs by 10-15mm and can support any size or weight of tiles & paving. As one of the thinnest paving support pads in the world, the Star.T pad is perfect for renovation projects. 

Also available are pedestal perimeter clips for use against walls, edging clips for filing gaps around the edges of the raised flooring where there is no wall, and pedestal adjustment key for easy levelling of the pedestals once the tiles are installed.

The ultimate solution to the problems of external paving

  • Excellent absorption of structural movements
  • Excellent for hiding pipes and equipment
  • Quick water drainage
  • Speed of installation
  • Significant less weight
  • Better thermal insulation
  • Better sound insulation
  • Always a flat paving and easily accessible
  • Exceptional load bearing strength
  • Ecological and clean

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