An alternative to marble, travertine is a natural stone ideal for tiling, cladding, showers, wall coverings and counter tops. It’s beautiful array of finishes and natural colours, including ivory, beige, walnut, noce, and gold, make it an elegant but dynamic option for your installations.

Travertine can come in a number of finishes – polished and honed surfaces are flat and smooth, while brushed and tumbled surfaces are flat and textured.

Considerations when installing Travertine Tiles

Like marble, travertine is a natural stone. This makes it susceptible to acid reactions (with things like vinegar) so a major consideration is where the travertine will be installed and what it will be exposed to. Sealers are designed to protect the stone, but knowing what it will be exposed to will help you decide whether travertine is a good fit for your project.

Ceragran can offer you expert advice and assistance for your travertine tile installations.

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