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X126311X8 Mildstone Chalky Grey 8mm | mm

SKU: X126311X8

R951.52/m2 incl. VAT

Application: ,
Usage Area: , ,
Size: mm

In stock

Available Stock: 233m²
Square meters per box: 1.44
Number of boxes required 1.44
Product Total: R-
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Stone has always accompanied humanity over the course of its evolution, and humanity has always shaped stone to make it fit the environment. Time has then given each stone the special features that make it unique and original, that capture the indelible life of humanity in a sort of frame. This is why the sensation of stone always makes us feel at home, and these are the assumptions based on which porcelaingres has created its new collection, mile_stone, an arrival point and a perfect blend of nature and technology. Four variations on the theme of erosion, four symphonies engraved by time on the rocky slab that porcelaingres brings back to life in your rooms transforming them.